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Critical Information When You Need It

In today's world, the most valuable of all commodities is information. As a NASFA member, you will receive timely information about the performance of company programs and inside information about new programs that have yet to be introduced in your own AFO or zone.

NASFA headquarters and board members receive dozens of calls from agents asking what we know about existing State Farm programs. Members also call and provide information on new programs they have recently learned about. Once the board determines this information to be beneficial to members, it is communicated to the membership in the following ways:

The Mirror

THE MIRROR is NASFA's awarding winning journal, which has been recognized as a top quality publication by the American Society of Association Executives, the Maryland Society of Association Executives and Communication Concepts. THE MIRROR is now published four times a year and features extensive articles on a multitude of subjects, issues and challenges facing the State Farm Agent. Contributors include members of the board, regular members and guest columnists.

NASFA Communications

As a means of bringing you NASFA's opinions on the latest information affecting your agency, the association periodically sends out email notifications via two formats: E-FACT, a modern day digital fax, and "Tips from Bob," a periodic advice column by NASFA's legal counsel, Robert O'Connor, based on the frequently asked questions he receives.

In addition, NASFA sends periodic e-surveys to the membership and State Farm agents at large. These surveys poll the agency force on a variety of issues and serve as a basis for topics of discussion in the MIRROR, at Town Hall meetings, and at the annual conference. Results of the surveys are also published or emailed to the membership.

NASFA is committed to bringing you up-to-date information. With your help and through the association's network of information, we live up to our mission of evaluating and communicating information affecting NASFA members.

NASFA's newly designed website is the online hub for all things NASFA. Here you will find a wealth of information on issues important to State Farm agents, event listings, membership services information, back issues of the MIRROR, and much more. Here are some of the highlights:

Legal Issues

Publication Archive

Retired Agent Issues

This page features reported decisions regarding agents and State Farm, taxation of agent post-retirement income, and several other cases impacting State Farm agents. You won't find more detailed, accurate information anywhere on the web.

NASFA archives all of its communication on its website. This includes back issues of The Mirror, E-FACTS and "Tips from Bob." Member publications are password protected.

This page is devoted to topics including Post Retirement Payments, Termination Payments, changes in the State Farm Group Health Plan, and more. I wouldn't capitalize these since they are just topics, not specific titles in this case.

And Much, Much More

As we look to the future, the number of new company initiatives will likely continue to increase. It would be almost impossible for any one agent to keep track of these new programs on their own. It would be even more difficult for agents to try to understand the impact of each new program on both the operation of their agencies and the income that they receive from those agencies.

Keeping up with this rapid rate of change is a huge challenge for NASFA. If we are going to maintain our present level of service and increase the amount of information that is analyzed and distributed, we will need the increased revenue that can only come from the membership dues of new members.

Please join NASFA today so that we can keep the pipeline flowing with information that will help you to not only better plan for the future of your agency, but also plan for the financial security of you and your family.

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