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Message from the President — Charmaine Barnes

Charmaine Barnes

Dear NAFA Members,

Wrapping up, our 2018-19 Town Hall in Tampa Florida was a great success. I am always impressed by the distance that agents are willing to travel to meet with fellow agents. I am sure the winter freeze across most of the country had a lot to do with the many attendees that gathered in warm and sunny Tampa. The chance to escape from sub-zero temperatures to a balmy 80 degrees was a great draw.

Another great draw was guest speaker Kelly Clark from Bradford and Company. Her two-hour tax strategies seminar was informative and often very entertaining. Can you imagine a tax seminar that makes you laugh out loud? Kelly was a great instructor and from the comments we received afterwards, her program was very well received.

In fact, we were so pleased with the response to Kelly's tax strategies seminar, NASFA has arranged with Bradford and Company to book several more seminars with their experts to help agents find ways to save money each year on business expenses. Kelly has already agreed to a return engagement at NASFA's Annual Meeting this year in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, May 8-9, 2019. Both members and non-members are welcome, and it's a great time to meet with and learn from fellow agents from around the country. Not only will we have Kelly Clark, but we are also delighted to welcome back Thomas Ntuk, a top producing State Farm agent and professional speaker known as "The Sales Simplification Guru." Many have paid to hear Thomas speak about his sale techniques and if you attended NASFA's Annual Meeting last year in Annapolis, you know the value of his seminars. Watch your email inbox for registration and hotel reservation information for this year's Annual Meeting.

After a wonderful lunch poolside, we returned for an open forum and legal Q&A with NASFA counsel Robert O'Connor. Agents in attendance introduced themselves and told us what had brought them to our Town Hall. Many expressed concerns over issues that are having an impact on their day-to-day business. Everyone learned from each other, and left knowing that they are not alone in how they're feeling about their future as State Farm agents.

It was great to have a mix of agents with different contracts in the same room. It's important that we, as agents, learn to understand the differences between contracts and how it affects the way an agent is impacted by the rapid changes coming from the company. We are starting to see more and more AA05 agents in attendance. I had an opportunity to speak to several AA05s during lunch and after the meeting. They were happy they came and said it was nothing like they expected. I also know we have some new AA05 members.

We are excited about upcoming sites for 2019-20 town hall meetings. We already have our sights set on Chicago in August 2019, San Diego in November 2019, and Austin, Texas in February 2020. I am also excited about the site for the 2020 Annual Meeting, but we will wait until after this year's event before we make that announcement. Make sure you check out our website,, and be sure to like our Facebook page. As always, if ever you wish to speak to one of our board members you will find our contact information in each issue of The Mirror and on the website. Also, if there is something going on with your agency and you need advice, perspective or someone to talk to, don't hesitate to contact us. You are never alone with NASFA.


Charmaine Barnes
NASFA President


55 W. Monroe
Suite 2000
Chicago, IL 60603


312.795.0749 (fax)

Mon - Fri: 8 am - 5 pm CST

What's New:

Additional Town Hall Locations and Dates to be announced soon.

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