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NASFA's Legal Pages

Welcome to the legal pages of the NASFA website. Over time we hope to accomplish several things. First, we are collecting reported decisions regarding agents and State Farm, and making them available to you here. The nature of the Agent-Company relationship has been contested over the years, and these decisions may be of importance to you.

The cases reported here also involve the long fought and ongoing battle regarding the taxation of agent post retirement income. Here you will find both old and new decisions regarding this issue.

This site is always being updated, so we appreciate your patience. Finally, we would point out that there is no central reporting point for agent cases. If you are aware of a decision involving State Farm or other insurance agents, let us know so we can make it available through this website.

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NASFA Contract Opinions





Vice v. State Farm (Franchise)

NASFA v. State Farm

Pending Cases

Jammal v. American Family Insurance

Comments of State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company and Its Subsidiaries on Proposed Rules of Department of Labor Regarding Definition of the Term "Fiduciary," Proposed Best Interest Contract Exemption, and Related Proposed Exemptions (July 21, 2015)

Court Decisions

Independent Contract Status at Risk — Jammal Vs. American Family Insurance

Broussard v. State Farm

Alex Charts and Charts Insurance vs. Nationwide

Agent wins $150 million

Gump Case

Jackson Case

Milligan Case

Schelble Case

Appling et al vs. State Farm Mutual

NASFA v. State Farm

Baker v. IRS

Pyorre/Wier v. State Farm

Should You Sign State Farm Amendment to Conform to IRS Code?

State Farm for some time has been offering agents entitled to term pay and extended term an amendment to conform to amendments to the Internal Revenue Code. NASFA asked its tax counsel, David Haga, for his opinion on what an agent should do, sign or not. Mr. Haga's opinion is that you should sign the offered amendment. Read more.

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